Ashes Bardole Tattoo

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Ching Farm Holiday Tattoo Fundraiser

Special charity event!
Sunday December 17 2017 (ONLY!)
9 AM-8 PM.

Christmas fundraiser for Ching Farm Animal rescue.
$60 pre designed tattoos, with half of all proceeds being donated to the sanctuary.

Smaller donations are accepted if you are not wanting to purchase a tattoo.

NO refunds, this is a charity fundraiser so there will be no refunds under any circumstance.
Black ink only no color.
Must choose from pre designed images, no exceptions.
If you do not show up 15 min prior to your appointment your appointment will be canceled.

(30 minutes)
$ 60.00

Tattoo Consultation

Free Consultation to go over your design, answer questions, and schedule an appointment.

Please be ready to put down a minimum deposit of $60 if appointment is to be scheduled. Deposits are non refundable once drawing begins.

(30 minutes)

Small Tattoo Appoointment

Schedule an appointment for any tattoo that is palm sized or smaller.

*Pricing can range between $60 for the smallest size tattoo and $160 for the full two hour session. Deposits are non refundable once drawing begins

(2 hours)
$ 160.00

Large Tattoo Appointment

For any tattoo larger than palm sized. This includes multiple session pieces.

*Pricing is calculated per hour of tattooing for the full session it will be $320.00. If you have a large piece that needs multiple sessions, scheduling longer sessions will be determined after one four hour session has been completed successfully. Deposit is non refundable.

(4 hours)
$ 320.00

Touch up

Touching up a pre existing tattoo. Free first appointment or if specified by artist additional free appointments.

After free appointment, touch ups are $25 per hour.

Please contact artist for further questions or details.

(1 hour)